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Chicken Nugget and Livia Live.jpg

The Green Room 42  / 570 10th Avenue

Written & performed by Livia Scott

Directed by John-Andrew Morrison
(Tony nominee: "A Strange Loop") 

Musical Direction by Drew Wutke
(Live At Lincoln Center)


About the show: Livia Scott returns to the stage for the first time in 6 years to share an intimate, dark, funny and triumphant story of ambition, addiction, love and redemption with the help of an unlikely friend: a celestial being named Chicken Nugget.


Content warning: this show contains descriptions of sexual assault and substance abuse that may be disturbing to some audience members.


Livia does stand up sometimes and her jokes have been featured in the NY Post's annual Best Jokes of the Year list and was named "One of the funniest women on Twitter" by The Huffington Post.

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Classic Title

In collaboration with former producers of The Onion News Network, Livia leads a cast of the best UCB performers and alternative comedy stars in this aggressively fun and subversive multimedia sketch show.

"Fast becoming one of the best and most imaginative
shows in the city." -THE NEW YORK TIMES

"A lock for a weird, good time."

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