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photo by Eric Korenman Photography


Livia is a comedian and actress named "Funny Women We Love" by The Huffington Post, along with Maria Bamford, Chelsea Peretti, and Tig Notaro. 

She's appeared on NBC, Comedy Central, Hulu, Netflix, and HBO in Law & Order, Honesty, Difficult People and National Lampoon's Dirty Movie, directed by Law & Order SVU star Christopher Meloni, where she pulls a Peter Sellers by playing multiple roles
Livia was the creator, head writer and star of  The Livia Scott Sketch Program at UCB with a brand new show every month ("One of the best & most imaginative shows in the city" -The New York Times

She is also a double Channy Award winner for Best Villain and Best Actress for her portrayal of Courtney Love in S​​aving Love​ with Henry Zebrowski for Channel 101.

Her viral music video "I Like You Better On Facebook" was featured everywhere and remains a classic : )
Livia's biggest dream in life is to become a meme that implodes into a gif so follow her on Twitter and TikTok.

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